Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modification

When your debts have put your home at risk, a number of options are available to help you. Beyond filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, loan modifications and restructured payment plans with your creditors can also help you achieve results so that you do not end up losing everything you have worked for.

Obtaining experienced legal counsel in this complicated process will provide your best chance for success.

When you contact our Orlando/Tampa foreclosure defense lawyer Jaimon Perry, he will help you focus on finding workable solutions to the debts you face. At The Perry Law Group LLC, we have achieved results for clients by:

  • Helping individuals understand and file for bankruptcy
  • Negotiating and providing appropriate documentation for loan modifications
  • Acting as both a negotiator and a realtor in homeowner short sales

Helping individuals understand and file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which individuals must often liquidate their assets to pay off debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides structured repayment plans that can help you keep your home.

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Negotiating and providing appropriate documentation for loan modifications: We can pursue adjustments to your mortgage or home loan through the Making Homes Affordable Program or through your individual lender that could either reduce your payments or have your principal loan amount reduced to the market value of your assets.

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Acting as both a negotiator and a realtor in homeowner short sales: Attorney Jaimon Perry is also a licensed realtor, providing representation in foreclosure defense and real estate law from two angles. He is able to advise you on what documentation must be gathered to effectively negotiate your short sale with your lender. 

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Many law firms will claim to provide legal defense against foreclosure, but they often focus solely on Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our experience provides a more thorough assessment of your assets, your debts and your foreclosure defense options. Even if you have been denied a loan modification, we know the methods that can be used to prepare new, more effective loan adjustment packages that your lender would respond to.

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